Vocal/Guitar : Naomi Okuyama
Drums : Satoe Oiwake
Bass : Kaori Yokoo

Kokeshi Doll
Kokeshi Doll, a heavy weight rock band has been causing sensations everywhere they go.
They will swallow you with sheer force, which you wouldn't expect from a 3-piece girl band. Their love of unique lyrics and somber yet disjunctive sound mirrors the reservedness of oneself. As they continue their search for the deep meaning of a human being, the band strive as the new breed of the 21st century.

Band formed. Started performing as members of the high school music society.
Participated in Music Camp in Yubari.
Signed a record contract with Chameleon Label.
Participated for a compilation CD "Ginga"
Released their 1st mini album "Kokeshi Doll"
Performed at FIRE STARTER hosted by TOWER RECORDS, along with BACKHORN BAZRA.
Participated in MIX 2002, along with COCK ROACH and WAKUSEI.
Released 2nd mini album "Pirukorui" Performed at various occasions, with REMIOROMEN, detroit 7 and others.
Starts their original project live series, "Majyo Rocco".
Participated in TOWER RECORDS' compilation album "FIRE STARTER-Hokkaido-".
Starts their original "cosplay" live series, "Harenchi Yumichan".
Performed live at "Atomic Cabaret" hosted by Chameleon Label,along with Wakusei and Higegakudan.
Guest appearance at Shonen Knife's "Candy Rock Tour".
Live tour in Tokyo, performed at 4 different venues.
Participated in MIX 2003, along with Chuburari.


1st mini album " Kokeshi Doll " (9 tracks)
CHA-001 1,500yen tax in. (2002/2)
US$22(incl.shipping cost to overseas)

1. Blood
2. 0-0
3. Unicellular Killer
4. 10 5 N
5. A Fake Quarrel
6. A Quarrel
7. No No
8. If she was..
9. Little Finger

2nd mini album " Pirukorui " (8 tracks)
CHA-005 2,000yen tax in. (2003/03/25)
SORRY SOLD OUT US$22(incl.shipping cost to overseas)

1. Song of Hasuike
2. 1927.7.24
3. Suiside Boogie
4. Mesu Gyaku gyo
6. White Box
7. Mike Neko no ke
8. For Myself who is going to die

3rd mini album " Tantalus Rhythm " (8 tracks)
RLCA-1091 (2006/5/24)
US$22(incl.shipping cost to overseas)

2. Kasabuta no kuse
3. Bloodress Child
4. Charisma Gokko
5. A Bitch's Live
6. Unicellular Killer
7. Genkei Nashi (No Original Form)
8. Kongo Shoku( Mixed color)

4th album "SESSHO TAINAI" (10 tracks)
RLCA-1103 (2007)
SORRY SOLD OUT US$22(incl.shipping cost to overseas)

1. Introduction
2. Sessho Tainai [PV]
3. Aoi mama
5. Zasso Ni Shosu
6. Shako Jack Knife
7. Ameni Momonga
8. Chuu
9. error
10. Amanojaku [PV]

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