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Petty Booka @Elysium Austin SXSW -Japan Girls Nite- 3/20 0'4

3/17 LA Noodles/Petty Booka/Bleach @Silver Lake Longe By Martin Wong
Japanese Girl Power--Even If There Isn't a Word for It by Xenia Shin UCLA Asia Institute

Japanese Girls Samurai Tour kicks off in Los Angeles with 5 all-girl bands who converse about clothes, feminism, and those all-important metaphors for sex.
March 21, 2004
Petty Booka | Concert Review: Bottom Lounge, Chicago |Benten | Japan

They sing like the Andrews Sisters, dress like Dale Evans, create set lists like pop historians and play ukelele like... um, Tiny Tim? I mean, who the hell plays ukelele? Petty Booka do--and they put on quite a show.......
Posted by Mack Hagood at March 25, 2004 06:32 PM
March 21, 2004
Kokeshi Doll & Bleach | Japanese Girls Samurai US Tour |Benten | Japan

On March 21 at Chicago's Bottom Lounge, two noise-wielding trios, Kokeshi Doll and Bleach, unsheathed their sounds, cut open space and time and awakened the room to the amazement of the present moment. As the crowd exited after the show, one woman said "they didn't just break stereotypes about Japanese girls--they broke stereotypes I didn't realize I had about what women can do."
Kokeshi Doll./Noodles/Petty Booka/Bleach
3/22 @Bottom Lounge in Chicago live review
Japanese Girls SAMURAI US Tour Photo Gallery
StudioZ, San Francisco, California
2004-03-26 c 97 images Noodles/Bleach/ Petty Booka
by David Huang
SXSW Saturday Review: Japan Girls Night at Elysium
by Jon Zahlaway liveDaily Staff Writer
March 18, 2004 Sagoi!
Liking a lot of girl bands (no doubt no. pretenders yes)
check out the japanese girls samurai tour usa 2004 - playing at the silverlake lounge.
Somerville MA news/Most widely read newspaper in Someville
by Nicholas Pinto-Wong
-Japanese Girls Rock!
Four all-female Japanese rock bands will be coming to the Abbey Lounge on March 22. Organized by the Tokyo-based Benten Label, the Japanese Girls Samurai US tour consists of four bands: Petty Booka, Noodles, Bleach, and Kokeshi Doll.
Artist Photos:Petty Booka
Photo Gallery
Petty Booka BioõPetty Booka embraced musical multiculturalism with a fervor and ingenuity matched by few of their peers; a female duo formed in Tokyo, their records initially reinterpreted contemporary pop via traditional Hawaiian ukulele arrangements, but over time the twosome also tackled bluegrass, jazz, and even punk.
Japanese Girls Samurai Tour '04:
Bleach/Petty Booka/Noodles/Kokeshi Doll--Knitting Factory Tap Bar Live review--3/23/04
-losing my voice at sxsw | Main | ivrea ancora-
Wow. AOTM Blogs!!

This is very impressive. Although...since we already have a blog elsewhere, I doubt that we will have the time to post here on a regular basis. Maybe this can be a music-related blog. A place to randomly ramble about what we are listening to; what mixes are in the planning. We have so many ideas it's just a matter of time.
Tonight we were at the Silverlake Lounge and saw 3 Japanese girl bands (we missed 2): Petty Booka (ukelele-playing hawaiian/country-western duo), Bleach (punk noise band), and Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re (pop-rock trio in kimonos... I kinda liked them). I bought a Petty Booka album -'Ukelele Lady'. Ten bucks is a bargain.

March 21, 2004
austin to o'hare, heat to snow

the day started with me catching the tail end of robyn hitchcock's set.
i interviewed him in 1991, and it was the best interview i'd ever done -- and yet i never published it. his final song was a public service announcement about how W sucks and rumsfeld is the antichrist (there was also rhyming there about ducks. after a quick trip back to ben's flophouse, i met derek to see petty booka. i've always wanted to see them, ever since i heard their bluegrass cover of "material girl" on the 1998 sxsw japan nite compilation. they're the cutest thing ever, and they're amazing: they do hawaiian music and bluegrass, with beautiful harmonies and cowgirl outfits. i think they'd be the best wedding band.

after that, we stopped off at waterloo records to see some hip-hop. we were there for a bit, then went off to either hear or see iron and wine: it wasn't possible to do both at the same time (you could cram into the tiny room to hear them play, or you could stand at the side of the bar to watch them, but you'd only hear conversation). then, the wrens played again outside, and that seemed like a better bet. you really can't help but hear them. they deserve the acclaim they're getting and they're only going to get bigger.

austin's great for bbq and texmex, two things that i'll never find in ivrea. so ben, lane, reed, nia and i went for barbecue at stubb's. yum.
brisket. fortified with protein, we went to the barsuk records showcase, where quruli was playing. they're japanese indie pop in japanese, with john vandersluice's drummer. loved their music (besides, i've always loved foreign language indie rock, whether i know the language or not). their singer was also really amusing. we thought we'd stick with the japanese theme, but this year's japan nite was disappointing: nothing really stuck or made me want to stay there the whole night like i've done in the past.
Five Japanese all-girl rock bands to tour US Forum

I dunno, this one is way out there, but then you'd expect it to be coming all the way from Japan! Japan Girl Nite
brings us tracks by PETTY BOOKA ,BLEACH ,NOODLES ,KOKESHI DOLL . It's a fabulous compilation of beautiful Japanese female punks doing everything from the really heavy thrashing to the pop-ist of pop! Fantastic. One thing about the Japanese, they really do Punk better than anyone. They got the true spirit of Punk completely down! Presents by the Benten Label. See them live at Knitting Factory Tap Bar on March 23rd! Well worth the effort. Too cool to miss this one!
Bye Austin! I'll Miss You!
I slept in a bit and really tried to take it easy. I started out my night sharing a few pints with James. That was great. Wish I would have been able to hang out more, but we wanted to catch Learning From Las Vegas and had to jet.

The streets of Austin took on a bit of a different feel Friday. It seemed like there were many more people and a good portion of them were not in town to catch shows.

We tried to drag some people to see The Grim Northern Social, but it seemed like lots of folks had caught on and we couldn't get in.

It was harder to get around than the previous days. We spent quite a bit of time in line and missed some shows we wanted to see. It wasn't a total loss, we did see a few bands I rather enjoyed. The Emeralds, who were a great Japanese punk band and Kishidan who just just plain silly.
SXSW 2004 Day 3: British Sea Power Steal The Rough Trade Show
Wednesday March 24, 2004 @ 05:30 PM
By: Staff

BritisThe Wrens received predictable acclaim from the older white guy crowd last year for their disc The Meadowlands, which I thought was overrated. Until, that is, I saw them blow the roof of the, er, patio on Friday afternoon. The set was neatly summed up by singer Charles Bissett when he asked "Are there any bands in the crowd? ‘Cause I got some advice for ya. Don’t practice! Look where it got us!" They bashed through an energetic set with abandon, drowning out the band on stage at the club next door. Indoors at the Caucus things were much more sedate, with Iron And Wine whispering their way through a set, validating the attention of the morose-looking crowd.

Petty Booka are a duo from Japan. They are of unknown age, barely speak English and are cute as hell. Oh, they also dress in cowboy duds, play ukuleles and do covers of Patsy Cline and Cyndi Lauper. Sheer brilliance and sheer absurdity at the same time, it was the most fun I had being baffled during the entire conference.
-Japan Night /petty booka-

This article writes about Japan Night @ SXSW, an event that sounds like something worth your time. The show has been going strong since 1996, and the article talks about a few of the bands trying to be a part of the show, including this one:
Petty Booka--Record sales would indicate that Western audiences like Japanese bands to be either cute (Puffy) or bizarre (the Boredoms, Guitar Wolf). Petty Booka gives them both. Members Petty and Booka dress like Calamity Jane at a luau feast, while playing Culture Club and Ramones covers on ukulele. Their performance at last year's SXSW was--surprise, surprise!--a huge hit.(full story
2/21/2004 @ 11:00PM AT March is the month for Japanese girl alt rock, when the Japanese Girls Samurai US tour kicks off in L.A. on March 17. The touring groups are Petty Booka, Noodles, Bleach, Kokeshi Doll and Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re , and will be in different towns in different combinations. Check the show list in the top menu for all the locations, times, and prices.
Petty Booka 's blazing bluegrass; a feral Dramarama ; and an all-star Austin cast at Sunday's "Rock Slides" SIMS Foundation fundraiser. All in all, not a bad week.
Five Benten bands will tour the US in March. This is good news for people in the US. Benten release female-only bands from around Asia (especially Japan), and five of their bands are heading stateside for the "We are SAMURAI US Tour 2004".
WMBR Rock /Pop /Punk Concert Report Last updated:
Monday, March 22, 2004. ... Adam of Shenzhou
5, Mark Kraus, & Army of Tarofs - TT the Bear's Place; Japanese Girls Samurai Tour 2004 with Petty Booka , Bleach, Noodles, Kokeshi Doll, & Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re - The Abbey Lounge; ...
wmbr .org/cr.php
Tomorrow night - Petty Booka is playing at the Silverlake Lounge as part of the Japanese Girls US Tour. We're going!
.La otra buena noticia es la gira Japanese Girl Samurai US Tour 2004. Cinco bandas japonesas formadas por chicas que estara'n presentaLndose durante la segunda mitad de marzo en Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, New York, Chicago,Seattle y San Francisco. Las bandas son Bleach, Noodles, Kokeshi Doll, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re. Todas ellas tienen un sonido que bordea el punk, la mu sica alternativa, en el caso de Kokeshi Doll algo ma's distorsivo. Pero cinco son las bandas, y la que no termina de encajar es Petty Booka. Bien, nunca escuche'esta banda asi'que me puse a investigar un poco y resulta que es un duLo de ukelele... insisto, no pude escuchar ni siquiera un tema, pero a menos que toquen con sus ukelele una fusioLn punk/rock no seL queL hacen en esta gira.

Monday March 1st 2004
6:21pm / @806

so, my rough criteria for sxsw show selection (besides they sound good).....
*try to avoid shows at far away locales that may sacrifice getting into the show after theirs *no super hyped bands just because everyone else is going
*no nostalgia acts unless they have most of their original members or something new
*no local bands during sxsw (this is the toughest because I have a really good friend in a local band playing a showcase) but I can see
them every other week!
Listening to: petty booka---this is funny!
Link: you can laugh, too!
tuesday, March 23, 2004
Petty Booka at StudioZ

Petty Booka is appearing this Friday, March 26 at StudioZ in San Francisco. They're on the bill with several of Japan’s best all-girl rock, punk and exotica groups as part of the Japanese Girls Nite Invasion US tour. Coincidentally, one of the partners behind StudioZ is my former cow-orker and geek bon vivant Jon Scott Stevens. Link posted by Gary Peare on 7:22 PM
In case you were curious, here's the full list of bands I saw.
Alkaline Trio
American Analog Set
Baptist Generals
Broken Social Scene
Buck 65
Davis Redford Triad
Devendra Banhart
Don Caballero
French Kicks
I am the world trade center
Iron & Wine
Meow meow
Paper Tiger
Petty Booka
Scout Niblett
Petty Booka (Tokyo, Japan) | 10:00 p.m. at The Mercury
March 14th 2003

The evening was shaping up to be like those "What Ifc?" series that Marvel Comics put out. What if Batman fought Spiderman? What if Lois Lane was tricked into thinking that she was really Catwoman? What if you took two Japanese girls who played old country songs on ukuleles and dressed them up like they were dancers at a Hawaiian luau and then you asked them to sing those same songs, only in a Japanese reggae style with a backing band? Well, then you'd have Petty Booka.
And as much as I know you're saying, "What the fuck could possibly be beautiful about that? It sounds like what youd get if you went to a karaoke bar," I have to say that it was the most beatific sound I'd heard in a long time. There was something about their shiny voices that just pierced the cynicfs heart. By the time they got around to covering Cyndy Lauperfs gGirl's Just Wanna Have Fun" I was crying and jumping around like a lunatic. I have no objective sense of their musical ability. All I know is tha they made that old Little Feat song "Willing" sound like a heartbreaking ode to joy. Sayonara little Japanese birds.