YAYOI: B.Cho (PISCES Mar.17th)
MIZUE: Dr.Cho (ARIES Apr.18th)

"TSU SHI MA MI RE" is an original word created by the band members.
Even Japanese people don't know the meaning but it sounds like something very Japanese and nostalgic and a little bit scary somehow.
That is the "TSU SHI MA MI RE" world. It's unique, wired, funny and cute. It's the world of Fun Japanesque Rock as only Japanese Grrls can do.
One of their song is about how "CAMABOCO(=fish dumplings) feels when they cooked as ODEN(a Japanese style hot-pot cooked at the table).
The singer Mari confessed her pregnancy to their parent, the song title is "Virtual Pregnancy"

"TSU SHI MA MI RE" was formed in 1999, when Mari, Yayoi and Mizue were university students. They started playing at a club in Chiba city.
1st demo CD " HUMBERGER SET "in 2001 2nd demo CD "BLOODY MOHAWK" Their debut full album is scheduled to be released in April from BENTEN Label in Tokyo.

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