Nov. 6th - LA @ King King , 9pm , $9 Buy ticket, WEB SITE
Nov. 7th - TBA
Nov. 8th - SF @ Studio Z , 8pm, cover $10 (at the door ) WEB SITE
Nov. 9th - McKinleyville/ CA @ Six Rivers Brewery , 8pm WEB SITE
Nov. 10th - PORTLAND @Towne Lounge , 10pm , $5 WEB SITE
Nov. 11th - ROCKRGRL Music Conference 2005 in Seattle WEB SITE
Japan Nite @ High Dive, 9pm~
with: Megababe/Buttersprites

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More photo of SF show by Photo by:David Huang

2005 Japan Girls Nite West Coast Tour
@Studio Z, San Francisco, California 2005-11-08 ...
Photo by:David Huang

YAYOI : B.Cho (PISCES Mar.17th) Hobby: Bike Touring
MARI : Vo. G (SAGITTARIUS Dec.9th) Hobby:Basketball
MIZUE: Dr.Cho (ARIES Apr.18th) Hobby: Playing Shamisen

"TSU SHI MA MI RE" is an original word created by the band members. Even Japanese people don't know the meaning but it sounds very Japanese, nostalgic and a little bit scary somehow. That is the "TSU SHI MA MI RE" world. It's quite hard to categorize their music style. It's unique, creative, original wired, funny, funky, cute and scary a little bit. It's the world of Fun Japanesque Rock as only Japanese Grrls can do. All the songs have great guitar riffs and heavy bass and skillful drum play. One of their song is about how "CAMABOCO(=fish dumplings) feels when they cooked as ODEN(a Japanese style hot-pot cooked at the table). Their debut album title song "Pregrant Fantasy" is released in USANov.1st from BENTEN TOKYO.

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*LIVE Photo TSMMR-wwp04-7603.JPG (1.3MB)

hailed from Osaka Japan!
G. Vo: IKUM!

All-female loud punk rock band from Osaka. They have participated many compilation albums.Both of their CD and their live performance are terrifyingly good!! Three pretty girls come up to the stage] and start playing non stop from the beginning to the end... head banding and never say anything...It's so cool!! Their new album ROLLER COASTER will be released in USA from BENTEN Tokyo in Jan.2006.

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*Press RBV_press.pdf (PDF 3.7MB)

Cool and Emotional Balladic Girl Rock from Shizuoka Japan.
MARIE: Gr. Vo.
SHINOBU : B.Backing Vo.
JURY: Dr.Backing Vo.

Formed in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan by Marie (Vo.G.) and Jury(Dr.cho) in July 2000.
They have been doing more than 300 gigs all over Japan.One of the leading Girls Rock band in Japan.

2000 Nov. JUST A PUNKY DISH Vol.3 VA (Swingindog recoads)
2003 May YOU ARE LIVING IT'S MY ALL (Amppez)
2004.Jan. 1st album "FRANKLY SPEAKING ABOUT LOVE" (Blow wind)
2005.Aug. 2nd "BABY" (Blow wind)

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