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Titan Go King's was originally from Kyoto. their debut was BENTEN Punk V.A. in 1999.
Then they released 1st album "Ultrasonic Wave 01"in 2000 which was really nice surf garage pop punk. This 2nd album is the first full recording of them after the read singer/guitar,Pinky formed new Titan Go King's with Lintsu(Dr.) and Tamuran(B.)
Pinky says "it is pop wild and taste of 80's punk"

L to R
PINKY : Vocal/Guitar
Pinky was born in Kyoto who does write all the songs and loves McDonald's.
Favorite Idol: Morning Musume and Aya Matsumura
YONYON : Bass/Cho.
Yon Yon has a tortoise (It's Testudo graeca to be precise).
His name is KAME which has two meanings. One is tortoise in Japanese and also "Good smell girl". Because KAME was supposed to be a girl when Yonyon got him.
Lintsu : Dr/Cho.
She is from Aomori. She is tiny but powerful drummer. She loves flowers!
Favorite Idol: Kinki Kids(Koichi)
Favorite Book:LE PETIT PRINCE by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Favorite Film: Sprited Away, Howl's moving Castle (Hayao Miyazaki)
Titan Go King's The world most silliest & Happiest Girls Punk (?)
They can act silly and funny, because they had overcome lots of difficulties.

I have been a big fan of girls indie band like The Flamenco A Go Go,DROOP and Lolita No.18. One of the top reasons I release their CDs is their unique style of music which I really think universally good and their never to be serious attitude. It looks like silliness or foolishness is the one of the most important theme of those bands.
Titan Go King's is also one of them. Actually I think they are the best or most silliest girl punk in Tokyo. They would be very happy if they read this, because silly is the greatest compliment for punk band in Japan. I am not saying they are jerk. I would like to call them silly band because I do love them, I do love all those girl punk because they are cool. Pinky says "we are playing pop music and would like to become a super idol punk band in Japan". I think she is right and honest. As you see they are not political punk at all. They never want to be like that. Being punk band is not criticizes government here. I can see full of irony about "J-pop idol" and the system of a success of music industry of this country. I really wish their success as an idol punk and their dream come true. I know it's been a long difficult way to release this 2nd album. They were originally formed in Kyoto and the band activity was favorable until they came to Tokyo after releasing of 1st album "Ultra Sonic Wave 01" from BENTEN Label in 2000. The 1st album was welcomed enthusiastically among girls band fans in Japan and world. Titan Go King's was going to be a new girls band from Kansai next to Shonen Knife or Mummy ]the Peepshow. Then they made decision to go to Tokyo and start their activity as a band looking for a major record deal. Of course it was not that easy and simple. On this new aspect of the life, Pinky, the leader and guitar was opposed to other members and they all left the band. Some of them went back to Kyoto and the bass player wanted to form her own band. Pinky who left alone once gave up to keep the band, but she found a job at a rehearsal studio in Tokyo and start looking for new bass player and drummer there. One day she found a flier it says "any all female punk bands looking for a bass and drums? Call Me!" Of course she did and met Tam Ran a cool punk bass player and Lintsu a little drummer girl from Aomori prefecture. The three girls started working from early morning to midnight to make money for their rehearsal and recording new songs. They also started having gigs at small clubs in tokyo area which also costed extra money, as they had to buy the tickets about 20 to 30 (which was about $300 each time) and pay the money to the club. As soon as they finished recording their new mini album "Go!Go!Idol", Pinky rented a mini van and left for national tour including some opening acts for girl punk band Lolita No.18 to promote new Titan Go King's all over Japan. They become a real do it yourself band of belief and effort. They slept in the van and their skills of performance was improved by the gigs of everyday for 3 weeks. Then they signed BENTEN Label again and released 2nd album finally. The title is "Gut's Idol".

Text by: Audrey BENTEN Label

Titan Go King's 2nd album

2004.8.25 on sale / BNTN-062
US $20.00- (including the shipping cost)
1.Practice in vocalization
2.Go! Go! Idle
(Album Version)
3.Bobbed HairMP3
4.run! run! run! ~ Rider Girl 2002~
5.Song of Higurashi
7.A volume of Titan Go King'sMP3
8.Forever Idol

1st Album "Ultrasonic Wave 01"
BNTN-044 (2000.1.25) US$20
P-PUNK: Pop, Pretty, Pinky Punk girls band from Kyoto. (Kansai Area)They are really pretty and wild!
(CD 12 songs)

iTunes Music Store iTunes Music Store -$9.99-
1. Opening Theme No.2 - We Are TI -
2. Theme of P-punk
3. Panda Paradise
4. Punk A I U E O
5. Ken & Mery 2
6. A Bicycle
7. Rider Girl '98
9. Jam
10. High Tension Girl

Super mini album "GO! GO! IDOL"
with 3 songs + 1 Karaoke
1. Go! G! Idol
2. 08:08am
3.Radish/Ginger Candy.....
4. Go! Go! Idol (karaoke)

BNTN-042 (99.9.22) US$20
(CD with 9 bands 17 songs)
The best and last Japanese girls punk band in 90's.
Name of the bands: mummy the peepshow (from Osaka)/ SPUNK(Osaka)/Titan Go King-s (Kyoto)/ Candy*Rain(Taiwan/Kobe)/ BLEACH (Okinawa) / L.F.P.(Tokyo)/ Wonder 3 (Osaka)/ Punk Again(Tokyo)/ Shimura Ushiro(Saitama)
*Titan Go King's web site http://www.est.hi-ho.ne.jp/pinkysama/
*Ultrasonic Wave 01 Jacket Jacket(300dpi 6cmx6cm)
*Gut's Idol(300dpi 6cmx6cm)
*Artist Photo(300dpi 12cmx9cm)

*Biography (PDF file)
*History (PDF file)

*Titan Go King's PV(7MB)
*Titan Go King's PV(7MB)Mirror

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