Brian Failure is non other than Beijing Street Punk itself. Being the son of a top class elite Chinese communist, Xiao Rong (Vo, G), the leader of the band fled from home holding on strongly to his opposing beliefs. From the birth of Beijing punk "til now leading this new movement, Xiao Rong has already become a legend at the age of 24.

The band originated in '95 when Xiao Rong was still a teenager at one of the most elite schools in China. Here he found three classmates and formed a band. In '97 Gao Yang who at the time played in a band called UNDERGROUND BABY joined the group, which triggered the start of the very first hard core punk band in Beijing. They based their activities at a venue called SCREAM CLUB that opened in'98 and is now a legendary club where it's regarded as the birthplace of Beijing punk. Shortly after forming they released a Demo tape titled, "Punk shines on China".
Brain Failure was the first punk band ever to self-release a demo in China. They were only in high school at the time, but Xiao Rong's extraordinary lyrics and the band°«s precise but outrageous hard core punk sound brought the group to their immovable status where they currently stand. Xiao Rong wore a mohawk hair with a cheep guitar in one hand while the other hand hung aimlessly, often seen walking the city of Beijing with shoes that were too large and his head down mumbling...... This
lifestyle of Xiao Rong's back then had become the standard for the Beijing punk scene today.

In the summer of '99, Brain Failure and a few other bands that gained recognition at SCREAM CLUB including Anarchy Boys, 69, and Reflector got together and released a compilation album called "Wuliao Contingent". Word about the powerful Beijing punk scene quickly spread across the globe and they were soon chosen to represent the European Levis where they modeled and their music was used for Commercials. In addition the split 7-inch EP they
made with Anarchy Boys was picked up by Broken Rekids, a record label in San Francisco. However all this excitement had to come to a brief stop when an inevitable member change had to take place. Once again Xiao Rong was alone, thinking to himself. After 6 months of contemplation, Xiao Rong scouted Wang
Jian as a guitarist and Xu Lin as a drummer. They were both from Hunan. In addition he chose David, an American friend for the bass part and tried to restart the band. However, because of the fact that Brain Failure was known and respected by their fans as a punk band formed by three elite-born rockers, the thought of having members who weren't Chinese and weren°«t from Beijing originally did not sit well with the fans.

The first live show with this new member took place in the winter of 2000. The fans who were used to the hard core punk sound with each song lasting for 1-2 minutes was stunned by their new Old School Ska Punk sound taken from reggae and ska. The new style even confused the audience of this underground Beijing music scene because most of them hardly ever had the experience of listening to something besides Oi-punk and hardcore. By the time 2001 came along, Brain Failure had a new bassist, Shi Xudong and was performing regularly. Their creativity as well as their frequency of shows reached the top and were undefeatable in the Beijing underground scene. Their popularity spread not only within Beijing kids, but also to foreign
exchange students and press from all over the world. They have appeared in newspapers and magazines from 7 different countries, and 15 documentary films. In June 2002, they recorded their first album in Beijing, which was released in Japan in July of the same year from People's Records. In August, they toured 13 cities in Japan, followed by an American tour (11cities) in March 2003. Their first album "Turn on the Distortion!" was re- released from BADN NEWS Records and became available through a major distributor in Japan in June 2003. Brain Failure is planning to have US tour in October 2003.

Xiao Rong : Vocal/Guitar
Wang Jian : Guitar
Shi Xudong : Bass
Xu Lin : Drums

-Wesound records compilation CD, Taiwan 1998.
-Underground album tape: " Fuck up ! ", Beijing 1998.
-"Cripple Heroes" compilation: China, Japan, Italy, 1998.
-Antipodes Souterrains compilation 45Tdisc: "10000 Years Punks" , France1998.
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Special Events
-Show in Harbin, north of China, January 1999.
-BrainFailure + International Noise Conspiracy (Sweden), ScreamClub, Beijing China 1999.
-China Pump Factory Rave Festival, Great Wall of China, June 2000.
-Halloween Festival, Happy Paradise Club, October 2000, Beijing China.
-BrainFailure + S.O.B.U.T (Japan), CD Cafe, November 2000, Beijing China.
-BrainFailure + Tomorrow (Japan) + Rotary Beginners (Japan), CD Cafe, December 2000, Beijing China.
-Kurt Cobain Tribute, Happy Paradise Club, April 2001, Beijing China.
-China Minority University Rock Festival, April 2001, Beijing China.
-Midi Rock'N Roll Festival, Midi Music School, May 2001, Beijing China.
-Tour 2001, Hangzhou (East Coast)+ Wuhan (Middle), May-June 2001, China.
-Show in Harbin, north of China, January 1999.
-Tour 2001, Hangzhou (East Coast)+ Wuhan (Middle), May-June 2001, China.
- Show for Philips Xrage hits Beijing at the beginning of September. 2001
Dong Dan Sports Complex, Beijing. 7 - 9 September 2001 (Brain Failure)
- Alternative Punk Rock (1st Set)
- south China tour 2001, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou. Oct-Nov 2001
- Show in CD CAFE for cd cafe live rock fest 2001 DEC. beijing
- Show in Happy paradise for college students 2001 DEC 22.beijing
- Show in Colored Ballon Bar, 2001 DEC29,nanjing
- Show in CD CAF , new year fest , 2001 DEC 31Beijing
- Show in Rhine club sound stage 2002 Jan 26 Beijing

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Documentaries/ Films/ Programs
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-"My HardCore". Director: Douglas Avery.
-"Living in the City". Director: BrainFailure.
-"Fucking Disco". Director: LiWei.

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