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1. LOLITA NO.18 "1997 Hige Nija US tour video"
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A documentary of their first and longest US tour.1.N.H.B. 2.Saloon 3.No Guts! 4.Clash 5.La La La 6.Romantist II 7.Hot ni Kimechimare 8. It's a Small World 9.SXNpx 10.Dotsubono Hana 11.Hard Core Retsuden 12.Eat Meat13. Tammy 14.Johny B.Goode
2. LOLITA NO.18 "10 year Anniversary Memorial video"
*Sale price $10.5 with shipping**
Promotion video and the making of ehe history of Lolita No.18 with POSTER! Video Killdes the radio star/Rockaway Beach video and the making with Joey Ramone /Bobby Tank/Saloon/Romantist II/Summer time Blues/ Special short movie with private footage of NY stay etc.
3. LOLITA NO.18 "2000 US/ Europe tour live video"
*Sale price $10.5 with shipping**
Document live video of their US tour and Eu tour in 2000.
3/17 AUSTIN 3/20 NY - CBGB's 3/21 CHICAGO 3/22 SACRAMENTO 3/23 LA 3/24SAN FRANCISCO 3/25SEATTLE 5/17 Amsterdam 5/18 Hengelo 5/19 Lingen 5/20 Copenhagen 5/21 Bremen 5/23 Kassel 4/25 Freiburg-Cafe 5/26 Weinheim 5/27 Neunburg 5/30 Koln 5/31 Hamburg 6/1 Berlin 6/2 Neuruppin 6/3 Glauchau 6/5 Vienna- 6/6 Munchen 6/7 Dusseldorf- 6/8 Hannover 6/9 Buxtehude 6/10 Frankfurt-
4. mummy the peepshow
"Electric Roller Girl-U.S.TOUR 2000-"
**Sale price $10.5 with shipping**
2nd Live Video (BNTN-V052)
* All about MTP's US tour(SXSW-NY-Chicago-Sacramento-LA-SF-Seattle) in March,2000.100% Audrey's camera! Lots of off shots + good quality picture of the show. 1. KICK OFF ! 2. I bub, you bub 3. m.t.p part 2 4. Dear Big tongue 5. Strangle Holde 6. We are 7. Jenny is feeling bady 8. Spring Pants has come. 9.Honey and Sandwhich
5. mummy the peepshow "Meriken Go Round"
**Sale price $10.5 with shipping**
1st Live Video (BNTN-V037)
* MTP's first US west coast tour in June 1998 with the original member. -Song List- 1. m.t.p. Part 2 2.Here comes Mummy 3.Annie 4. GO MAD 5.D FOR DIE 6.Hello Mummy 7. mummify m 8.JUDY IS A PUNK @ 9.Theme of Ten chel 10. I bub , you bub

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