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------- Biography -------

'94 Spring, Maki Mummy, living in Osaka fell in love with the TESCO guitar
"SPECTRUM 5" at first sight and decided to form a band. Form mummy the
peepshow because they wanted "The" in the middle of the band name with
genius word writer who can play the drums, Rising Yuki-San and Nutsu Summer
who wanted to be the bassist. Begin to play at Namba Bears and Thirteen
Fandango. Do things like making demo tapes and on '96 took part in a with a
fanzine omnibus tape called "Hyper Unknowns". '97 January, appeared in the
BENTEN Label omnibus CD "BENTEN BENTO 2". This year on July the youngest
guitarist, Youngest Akki joined the band. Their 1st album the four recorded
with out taking a bath at a log house near Mt. Fuji, got out from BENTEN
Label on '98 February. Also, released a first EP form America's Detector
Label, took part Spain's Muster Records girls band omnibus CD "All Kindsa
Girls Vol. 5". '98 July, went to the United States alone and did a West
Coast Tour. '99 February, recording the 2nd album, it will be out on July 25
from BENTEN Label. The drummer Rising Yuki-sun left the band after the
recording, because of her marriage! Then mummy got a new drummer,
IxDxMxUx. Mummy received "Indies Most Important Band Awards"
in 1999 of one of the radio program in Osaka.

----- Members -------------

Maki Mummy (umeboshi face/colorful No.1)
in charge of: Vocal, Guitar, diplomacy including diplomacy including
  merrymaking, and alcohol.

Natsu Summer (micro drip girl)
in charge of: Megabass, produce a pleasant bowel movement
and manager. NEED HEIGHT!

     Incharge of: Drums. She is an angel.

Youngest Akki (forward-bent sulky look/colorful No.2)
in charge of: butt guitar, needlework.
No fear sleepy head. NEED A BICYCLE!

------ Discography -------

1997 Feb. 「BENTEN BENTOH 2」V.A. (BENTEN Label)
1998 Feb. 「Mummy builion」1st Album (BENTEN Label)
1998 Single 7 inch EP 「mummify M/D for Die」 (DTECTOR ,USA)
1998 「All Kindsa Girls Vol.5 」V.A. (Monster Records, Spain)
1999.1.28 「Merike Go Round」Live Video (BENTEN Label)
1999.   「Red pants-Giant Baba Tribute-」(SATSUGAI)
1999 6.25 「This is Egg Speaking」2nd Album (BENTEN Label)

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