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Hang On The Box
Europe debut CD - For Every Punk Bitch & Arsehole -
Release date: October 6th.2003
Label: arrivederci baby!/Cherry Red (UK)
This is a special CD compiled for Europe market licensed from BENTEN Label.

-Song List- 1. No Sexy 2. Kill Your Belley 3. Bitch 4. Heroin and Cocaine 5. OoOo 6. Ass Hole, I'm Not Your Baby 7. Motorcycle Boy 8. What is Now? 9. Now I Wanna Say Apology to you 10. I Am Mine 11. Leave Me 12. You Lost Everything but It's Not My Fault(Recorded live at Shinjuku Loft on April 8th 2003)
*The front cover photo also taken there same day.

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Hang On The Box
2nd album Di Di Di BNCP-85 (Label: BENTEN/BAD NEWS) US$23.00-
1.I Am Mine 2.Now I wanna say apology to you 3.Leave me 4.We don't need a sax 5.Summer Time 6.What is now? 7.Be my seed 8.Spring Out 9.Blue like the sea 10.Di Di Di 11.There is a City 12.Konchiwa Tokyo 13.Di Di Di(Promotion Music Vide/enhanced CD)
* Now I wanna say apology to you (561k)
* We don't need a sax(528k)
* What is now? (560k)

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Hang On The Box
1st album Yellow Banana BNTN-053 \2100(withtax) US$20.-
1.Yellow Banana 2.No Sexy 3.For some stupid Cunts at "BBS" 4.Your every thing kills me 5.Motorcycle Boy 6.You lost everything but It's not my fault 7.Kill Your Belly 8.Bitch 9.20 Fish 20 B 10.Heroin and Cocaine 11.OoOo 12. Ass Hole, I'm not your baby 13. Red Comet
* Yellow Banana (883k)
* No Sexy(1236k)
* You Lost Everything But It's Not My Fault (1236k)